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What XSquare Provide for 5G Keys ?

Real-time performance

  • Fast response time
  • Low jitter, latency and delay
  • High availability

Critical infrastructure

  • High reliability
  • Priority access
  • Very wide area coverage

Very high-speed broadband

  • Gigabit data rates
  • High-quality coverage
  • Multi-spectrum service

IoT and M2M

  • Many more connected devices
  • Deep indoor coverage
  • Signalling efficiency

Virtualized infrastructure

  • Software-defined network
  • Scalable, low-cost systems

Why XSquare ?

XSquare provide the Open source platform, include CPU / DSP / High speed interface / Cellular modem (3G to 5G), provide a high integration and best performance (low power consumption, High efficiency, best compatibility solutions) solution for FWA / IOT GW. Minimize development effort and time-to-market

XS5G01 5G SOM solution

Xsquare established from 2020/6/3. We focus on cellular solution (SOM products). The first product is MTK T750 SOM for 5G CPE/FWA/IOT GW

*1st SA+LTE-A Global SKU RF
*1st highly integrated platform
incorporating both modem and 64bit ARM A55*4
LPDDR4 8Gb - 16Gb 2CH
eMMC 32Gb – 128Gb

XS5G02 5G Solutions
Key features:

Qualcomm 5G SDX62 series
4nm 5G Soc , 3GPP Rel-16
Support NSA/SA Mode , FR1 NR 2CC(120MHz)/FR2 4CC (400MHz)
Peak Download Speed: 4.4 Gbps
LTE 4x4 (CAT19), WCDMA & e-SIM & GPS(optional)
Upgradable architecture and ultimate flexibility
Unmatched data speeds and coverage
Leading power efficiency and advanced power-saving tech

XS5G03-GBO/EUI M.2 Specification:

MediaTek T700 series
TSMC 7nm 5G Soc, Phase 97 RF Low power RFFE Design
Support NSA/SA Mode
Global 5G SA NR 2CC
LTE 4x4, WCDMA & e-SIM & GPS(optional)

XS5G04-GBO M.2 Specification:

MediaTek T500 series
TSMC 7nm 5G Soc , Phase 97 RF Low power RFFE Design
Support SA Mode
Global 5G SA NR 1CC
LTE 4x4 , WCDMA & e-SIM & GPS(optional)

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